Has it already been two years?


Just something out of the blue. I happened to remember that I actually have a blog! Wow! And I was able to get the right password after two tries. Alright back to the topic. So much have happened in these past two years, there’s so much which I want to write about, some out of obligation, some just for memory sake. Time hasn’t been a really good friend to me.
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The world should just end this year


Disclaimer : Pics and post are unrelated to whatever the internet has tried to brainwash you guys into thinking that the world will end in 2012. Personally, I feel that the world should just end this year, what with so many of my favorite manga choosing to end at the same time. Though one of them actually ended last year, but nevertheless, given the rate of manga series ending this year, there wouldn’t be many good manga left to read by next year.

Change 123 one of my favorite manga, which you should have guessed, ended
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Japan Trip 2011 [Picture INTENSIVE] [part 2]


10 hours after my earlier post, here I am writing my second part. I think I will try and squeeze the remaining days into this post so that there will not be a part 3.

Back in Akihabara

200+ (or was it 300+) pictures in this post. You have been warned.

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Japan Trip 2011!! [Picture INTENSIVE] [part 1]


Well, I’m really bored right now so I’m up for a challenge to write a really long post. And I mean a really long one, since it’s about my trip to Japan. There are 439 pictures in total and I SHALL USE EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM… I wonder if the message sank in, so here goes.

At the airport waiting for gates to allow entry

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1 year and 6 months later… Time flies


It’s been a really long time since I last blogged. Nothing much has changed in my life, other than adding a ton of new figurines, getting new games and a new PS3 console, oh and before I forget, spending an entire fortune on Weiss Schwarz, Chaos, Victory Spark and Vanguard (Bermuda Triangle only). Yeah I guess that’s pretty much it.

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One more post before I go missing again


I predict that I would go missing for quite a while after today. Mainly because it’s finally the end of my one week leave.  Well enough of that, I shall carry on.

Event ends today =X
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How many weeks has it been?


Well, this was supposed to be my week off and I should have put up a post every single day. Not.  By popular demand *ahem* I decided to do a quick post (That’s what I say all the time) Time’s precious so I will make this quick.

Misaka Mikoto figurine (duh)
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