Going to KKnM is seriously painful (not physically but mentally)

On Wednesday, before school was over, I heard that Rdrake was going to KKnM so I thought I would just go along as I was going to Bugis later anyway.

Total cost : $84.20

My dakimura looked something like this

I got Gengeki Gs for the first time, so I just took the only one which was in stock at that time and it was Fortune Arterial. I think I will go shopping around IKEA on Sunday to see whether they have a dakimura around (I heard they do sell them) if not I will get two new pillows and stuff them inside.

I admit that my drawings suck

I fail at drawing faces. The eyes are not even in line and there are probably other mistakes which I don’t even know I have committed. I did some auto level to make the pictures clearer unlike the Haruhi I have drawn during my tutorial a couple of weeks back.

I think my pictures of Shiro Togi are better

Actually this was the first picture I tried to draw but I thought its better than the one above so I switched their positions.

Togi is really so cute

Anyway thats all for today. I will try and settle my work as quickly as possible and do a post on the March edition of Megami and Comp H (Last year’s december edition i think)


3 Responses to Going to KKnM is seriously painful (not physically but mentally)

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